Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nokia teases WP announcement, is it the Lumia 929 Icon?

Nokia US has posted an interesting teaser video on its YouTube account, asking if we’ve heard what’s coming. The short clip ends with the Windows Phone logo, giving away the nature of the upcoming announcement, but we didn’t get a specific date for it.

Given the number of times the Nokia Lumia 929 Icon has leaked, it’s very hard to look beyond it when searching for the possible device behind this teaser. The handset and its rumored PureView branding also align nicely with the message of the video – “See and hear what you’ve been missing”. The high-resolution cameras and wide dynamic range microphones used in PureView device are have been the center to a lot of Nokia promo campaigns.

Previous rumors pointed to a launch on February 5 or March 5 for the Nokia Lumia 929 Icon. The first of those dates has obviously passed now, but an announcement in the next few days would come just in time for a market release in the beginning of March.

We’ll keep our eyes peels and bring you all the details about whatever Nokia is going to announce.

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