Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nokia teasers all but promise Nokia X for the MWC

Nokia just put out a pirate map on its Weibo account and it leads to treasure – not gold perhaps, but maybe a Nokia X A110 and hopefully even more.

The first image the company posted features a monkey on a tree and a monkey on the ground. The accompanying text points to the number of monkeys – is that Nokia's way of saying there will be two devices at the MWC? It could also be the Nokia X and its dual-SIM version.

Two monkeys, one higher up

The second image shows a tree with a DNA helix for roots. The green X can't have escaped your attention if you've been following the recent leaks. The tree motif does link up with Nokia's first invite.

There's fresh DNA in Nokia's labs

And finally, the pirate map. There's another green X (negative space between the arrows) but the map itself doesn’t tell us much. The text in the post does – February 24, 15:30 (that's 8:30am local time in Barcelona, Spain).

Here's hoping this isn't Symbian island

So, it's settled then – the Nokia X A110 will be unveiled in less than a week at the MWC. Just check out the countdown at Nokia Conversations – recognize the arrows?

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