Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nokia Asha 501 goes on sale in select Asian countries

Nokia has announced that the Asha 501 is now shipping in select Asian markets. The phone is now on sale in Thailand and Pakistan and will be releasing in India shortly. The phone will eventually go on sale in other parts of the world, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

The Asha 501 is based on Nokia's new Nokia Asha software platform that brings some smartphone functionalities to a traditional feature phone. It has a 3.0-inch, QVGA touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, expandable memory, FM radio and dual-SIM support. The phone also comes with removable colors with multiple color choices.

You can check out our hands-on with the Nokia Asha 501 here.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

evleaks: Nokia EOS to be officially named Lumia 1020

The Nokia EOS, the company's upcoming Windows Phone-running cameraphone flagship is going to be called the Lumia 1020, according to evleaks. More often than not, the famous Twitter user is right in its predictions, so there's good reason we trust the latest Tweet, stating just "EOS = Nokia Lumia 1020".

While it was believed for a while that Nokia may come up with a brand new name for its camera-centric Windows Phone 8 smartphone, something in the lines of "EOS", it seems the Finns have decided to stick to their familiar naming scheme. Considering the series of leaks we've had of the smartphone and its resemblance to the Lumia 920, it's logical for the company to go a step further and give the EOS an official name - the Lumia 1020.

Nokia has confirmed in its latest teaser image that the Nokia EOS Lumia 1020 is going to pack a 41MP camera. The rest of the details will be unveiled on July 11, when Nokia is holding its special event for the device. We'll naturally be covering the event live for you, so make sure you stick around when the time comes.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nokia plans a limited Superman-branded Lumia 925

Following the footsteps of last year's Batman themed Nokia Lumia 900, the Finnish company is about to release another superhero themed Windows Phone flagship. The freshly announced Nokia Lumia 925Superman Limited Edition will land on the Chinese market a day after the Man of Steel movie's official June 14 launch.

The Nokia Lumia 925 Superman Limited Edition will be available in an initial run of 925 devices. The Nokia flagship will feature a Superman livery on its back. A wireless charging cover, gone through the same visual treatment will also be available for purchase as a separate accessory when the smartphone becomes available.

As far as specs go, the limited edition Nokia Lumia 925 will be no different than its plain vanilla sibling which we extensively previewed.

Software-wise, the smartphone will most probably come with the just released Man of Steel Windows Phone 8 app, which has been developed exclusively for Nokia Lumia devices. It features different challenges, whose completion will unlock exclusive multimedia content such as wallpapers, ringtones, and DC Comics digital comic books.

The Nokia Lumia 926 Superman Limited Edition will be priced at CNY 3,999 ($652; €505) when released in China. There's no info on other markets, though it will be surprising if the tricked out Lumia 925 doesn't make it beyond China.

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Is that a live photo of the Sony Xperia L4 and the Nokia phablet?

We stumbled upon a blurry image, which allegedly shows the Rumorland-resident Sony phablet going by the name of Xperia Togari (L4). There's also a Nokia phablet, which sources point could be named 1030 with perhaps a Lumia somewhere in the name too.

The photo allegedly shows the Sony Xperia L4 and Nokia Lumia 1030

The Togari could sport a 6.44" FullHD 1080p display and is supposed to be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor. The following image compares the alleged live shot against a previously leaked image of an Xperia device's frame and there are obvious similarities.

Sony Xperia L4 compared to previous leak

As for the rather interesting-looking Nokia device - it sporting a Lumia-type body in cyan we see a large device which can fit three medium-sized Live tiles. This could be the Lumia phablet device Nokia's CEO himself has been mentioning.

The Nokia 1030 and Xperia Togari

Still the image looks highly untrustworthy given the presence of camera shake blur in the background and the lack of it in the Xperia L4 part of the image. Our gut tells us that it should be taken with more than the usual pinch of salt accompanying such images.

However, both prototypes pictured look quite plausible, so even if the image is fake there's an outside chance that it has been created by someone who has actually seen the devices in question.

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