Monday, January 21, 2013

Windows Phone 7.8 official rollout to start on January 31

We already lost count of all the rumors, confirmations and denials of the Windows Phone 7.8 update. The update itself got so overhyped that we are sure some users will be left disappointed, when it arrives.

Anyway, according to Windows phone Colombia official Facebook page, the Windows Phone 7.8 rollout will begin on January 31.

The date coincides with Microsoft's promised Q1 launch, as well as the fact that there are already updated Lumia smartphones with it, ones that are sold updated and even Samsung fans recently learned that the Omnia updates are complete.

We already got our hands on the Lumia 510 officially running on Windows Phone 7.8 and we've extracted the new features we found so far for you.
Resizable Live Tiles
Bluetooth File transfer
Bing Picture for Lockscreen wallpaper
New theme colors
You can set Google as default search provider in Internet Explorer
New boot screen
Updated system and Nokia exclusive apps
Ringtone maker (also available in the Marketplace)
Counters app (also available in the Marketplace)

The full review is already in the works, while you should expect your phone to get the update itself in 10 days.

Thanks, Bhargav Pinni, for the tip!

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