Monday, November 26, 2012

Nokia releases three promo videos for the Asha 205 and Asha 206

Nokia has just introduced a couple of new members of its Asha family today and, as the tradition goes in such cases, the company released a few promo videos to demo their strengths.
The QWERTY-packing Nokia Asha 205 had a single clip dedicated to it, while the Asha 206 got two videos. Check them out after the break.

Red Lumia 920T for China Mobile poses for the camera

Sohu Digital News has obtained a red Lumia 920T and made some photos of it. The Lumia 920T is destined for China Mobile and the unit in the photos is a prototype. There's no word when the device will actually launch on China Mobile's network.

The smartphone sports a glossy red polycarbonate unibody and has TD-SCDMA support. The other (still not officially confirmed) difference between it and the global Lumia 920 is the Adreno 320 GPU inside, in place of the regular 225 that comes with the dual-core Krait chip.

The Nokia Lumia 920T for China Mobile

The rest of specs should be identical - the gorgeous 4.5" PureMotion display at the front, the PureView-branded 8.7 MP camera at the back and the Windows Phone 8 OS inside .

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Nokia Lumia 920 may have reached 2.5M orders worldwide

According to a Yahoo China report Nokia has received more than 2.5 million orders for the Lumia 920across the globe, which is more than the entire Lumia lineup sold in Q3 of 2012.

The report also says the Lumia 920 and 820 have been sold out in the United States, Germany, Australia and elsewhere, which goes in check with previous reports of the Lumia 920 being sold out in the US.

In other news Nokia's stock documented a 25% rise yesterday, which is probably mainly due to the positive sales figures of the Lumia range.

Marko Ahtisaari, head of Nokia's Design unit, went on YouTube to talk about the designing of the Lumia 920. Here goes the video.

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Damian Dinning leaves Nokia (Update: Joins Jaguar Land Rover)

As if the poor market performance as of late wasn't enough, Nokia just took another hit. Damian Dinning has decided to leave the company effective November 30.

Dinning started working at Nokia in April 2004 and took the role as the company's lead program manager for Imaging Experience and worked closely on devices like the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 920. Reportedly, the news of his leaving came as a shock to Nokia's execs.

Here's what Nokia UK have responded to AmateurPhotographer's request for additional information.

Following the relocation of key strategic roles to Finland, and with great reluctance, Damian Dinning has made a personal decision to leave the company effective 30 November 2012.
During the past nine years, [Damian] has made many innovative and valuable contributions to Nokia, most recently as a lead program manager in our Smart Devices business.
We thank him for his service to the company and certainly wish him the best.

Dinning hasn't revealed what path he'll take and whether he already has an offer to join another company. However, here's his tweet from couple of days ago giving some clues.

I'm incredibly excited about the 10th Dec, can't say more than that right now other than to say it's nothing to do with Nokia directly...Wed Nov 21 08:39:25 via Twitter for iPadDamian Dinning

Update: Dinning has now confirmed the news in a response he sent to PureView Club. There he reiterates the reason given by Nokia UK, saying that his reason for leaving Nokia is his inability to move to Finland as was required of him. More importantly, he has announced that he will now be joining the Jaguar Land Rover group, where he will "take a role driving future innovations in the exciting new field of Connected Car".

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Nokia Asha 205 and Asha 206 unveiled, priced at $62

Today Nokia announced two new additions to its feature-phone lineup, the Asha 205 and Asha 206. Both phones come with dual-SIM variants as well, and look to dethrone the Asha 201 as the cheapest offering currently in the Asha lineup.

The Asha 205 comes with a 2.4 inch screen of 320 x 240 pixel resolution, 64 MB of internal memory, and a 0.3 MP camera capable of VGA images and QCIF video. It also features a full-QWERTY keyboard.

The Asha 206 has the same 2.4 inch QVGA screen, except in portrait orientation, and the same 64 MB of internal memory. Its camera has been bumped up to 1.3 MP, although it comes with a regular keypad, rather than a full keyboard.

Both new devices feature Nokia's new Slam connectivity feature, which allows fast sharing over Bluetooth without the need to pair devices. Slam works with Bluetooth versions 2.1 and up, and on several mobile platforms (Windows Phone and iOS are not supported currently, though). Also, if you're worried about the rather sparse internal memory filling up quickly, each device supports microSD cards up to 32 GB.

Both the Nokia Asha 205 and Asha 206 feature a dedicated Facebook button for quick access to your social profile, and are available in several color combinations.

Look for the Asha 205 and 206 to become available in the coming weeks for $62 before taxes and fees.

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Windows Phone 7.8 features leak, release date still a mystery

As the Windows Phone 7.8 release is edging closer, leaks are starting to intensify. Beta builds, Windows Phone 7.8-running Nokia Lumia 510 and promotional materials for the latter – there are plenty sources to feed us with spicy rumors.

The Lumia 510 brochure is the most interesting piece, though it’s in Finnish. It does say the Lumia 510 will have a new Start screen with more available color themes, though. It also confirms the Windows Phone 7.8 won’t be the last firmware update you’ll get, probably to reassure the people who intend to buy the phone that it’s getting long-term support.

Windows Phone 7.8 leaks from various places

The guys over at managed to get their hands on a Windows Phone 7.8-running Lumia 510 and confirmed a few details as well. In addition to the resizable Live Tiles, re-designed system apps (Office, Xbox Games, Store, etc.), 10 new theme colors, we’ll also get a new boot screen matching Windows Phone 8 style and Live Lock Screen Wallpaper, which was previously introduced within Windows Phone 8. There is no info if that one will work with third-party apps though.

In case you are interested the build number of Windows Phone 7.8 is 7.10.8858.136. As the rumor has it, the update is already released to the manufacturers and it shouldn't be long before it starts seeding to the end users.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nokia acquires Earthmine 3D map service

Nokia has acquired the 3D mapping service Earthmine. The terms of the deal are confidential, so there's no way of knowing how much cash Nokia shelled out for it.

The idea behind the purchase is for Nokia to import Earthmine's mapping street-level graphics into HERE Maps and eventually its entire Maps ecosystem.

Currently Google has the upper hand in street-level imaging and Nokia hopes that this acquisition will help it catch up faster.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazon offers discount off AT&T Lumia 920, 820 and HTC 8X

Amazon US just put up some great deals for three of the new Windows Phone 8-powered smartphones in the states. You can get the AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 or HTC Windows Phone 8X at half their original asking price.

AT&T is charging $99.99 for the Lumia 920 on a 2-year contract, while Amazon is giving you the flagship smartphone for $69.99 (previously $49.99). The Lumia 820 goes for $49.99 in the AT&T stores, while Amazon wants just $0.01 for it.

Unfortunately Amazon offers discounts only on the 8GB version of the HTX 8X. Instead of charging you $99.99, Amazon sells the smartphone for $39.99.

So, if you live in the US and want to switch to Windows Phone 8, now seems to be a good moment to do it.

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WP 7.8 update might come in a few weeks, WP7.9 in the works?

Nokia can't (or more likely doesn’t want to) keep Windows Phone 7.8 info under wraps - new info coming from the "head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer" suggests we will see the update much sooner than the previously rumored Q1 2013 timeframe.

Microsoft never really announced a solid launch date for the update, which caused all this guessing.

Anyway, the WP7.8 update was reportedly RTMed and it should start rolling out in a few days to weeks. This comes soon after the leaked Nokia materials that detailed what changes the update will bring (Microsoft was vague on this one too).

Windows Phone 7.8 will not be the end of it though - another rumor (this one coming from Nokia Germany) suggests there will be another update for the first generation of Windows Phone handsets (the ones not getting WP8).

The rumor doesn’t offer any more info, but that there might be an update at all is quite interesting in itself. Microsoft made a commitment of supporting WP8 devices for at least 18 months after they're released, but it would be nice to see it hasn’t forgotten about the users it attracted with WP7.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

AT&T Lumia 920 stock almost depleted, most colors sold out

The new Nokia Lumia 920 flagship for AT&T has sold out in every color but white at the major US retailers. 

Among the first colors to get gobbled up were red, yellow, and cyan off of Amazon and Walmart's online store, as well as AT&T's own website.

The huge demand really comes as no surprise, considering the very enticing $49.99 price tag which AT&T is putting on the 920 with 2 year contract.

Hopefully AT&T will be able to fulfill all of the Lumia 920 backorders, as the last thing Nokia needs is a supply shortage while trying to salvage a horrible 2012 sales season.


Leaked Nokia docs reveal Windows Phone 7.8 features

Current Windows Phone 7 owners might have to wait until Q1 of next year to get their 7.8 update, but at least now we have some idea of what the update will bring. Microsoft officially promised a WP8-like start screen with resizable tiles, but leaked in-house training materials from Nokia give more details.

The lock screen will be customizable - users can pick an app to update the lockscreen periodically, something that sounds a lot like WP8's Live Apps service.

Internet Explorer will be updated with enhanced security, but it seems like Windows Phone 7.8 will keep using IE9 and won't get IE10. Another perk of the updated OS will be the MP3 editor that can be used to create ringtones out of songs. There will be more system colors available too, for a total of 20.

Phone makers will be adding their own touches to the 7.8 update. Nokia, for example, will add support for sharing media files over Bluetooth (for non-DRM protected files), update the Contacts Transfer app and enhance the ringtone editor.

Windows Phone Italy's Facebook page also promised support for Rooms (a new feature in WP8), SmartGlass and Xbox Music.

We shouldn't have to remind you that neither leaked training materials nor Facebook posts are particularly solid information, but until Microsoft officially spills the beans on the Windows Phone 7.8 changelog, it's all we have to go on.

Source (in Chinese) | Via

Nokia rebrands mapping service to Nokia HERE

In a San Francisco event, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced that the company will be rebranding their mapping service and will be calling it Nokia HERE. While the service will mostly remain the same, Nokia has added some cool new features.

First is a feature called Collections, which lets you save locations to your Nokia account so you can quickly jump to them without having to search for them every time. The locations sync across devices after you log into your Nokia account. Collections is similar to the starring feature in Google Maps.

Another new feature is 3D maps, where you get a 3D view of several key locations around the world. This feature is identical to the Flyover feature in the new Apple Maps and the data is actually provided by the same company, C3 Technologies.

Nokia has also added a maps editor, so users can now update street names and traffic information and the information will be added to the maps for others to see.

Nokia also acquired street view mapping company Earthmine, which brings street view functionality to Nokia's maps.

Now here's the best part. Nokia will be bringing their HERE maps to iOS and Android as well. The iOS and Android apps will be released soon and Nokia will also be providing the maps SDK to Android OEMs so they can integrate it within their apps. The iOS version includes turn by turn directions and public transportation information and is currently pending Apple's approval. A web version for Mozilla's upcoming Firefox OS will be released next year.

You can also check out Nokia HERE on your web browser by clicking, well, HERE.

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Nokia Lumia 920T has Adreno 320 GPU instead of Adreno 225

The Lumia 920, Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 handset, is coming to China Mobile (model number 920T). As it turns out the Lumia 920T has a Snapdragon MSM8960T S4 Pro chipset, unlike its international version, which has an MSM8960 S4 Plus chipset. The news comes from the carrier's Sina Weibo page.

The difference is that the MSM8960T chipset features the Adreno 320 GPU and not the Adreno 225 like in the international and US Lumia 920 units. It still has two Krait CPU cores though, this isn't the S4 Pro chipset that's used in the Google Nexus 4.

Still, getting an upgrade on the GPU is great even if you don't get double the CPU cores. The only problem is that most devs will be targeting Adreno 225 as that's what most WP8 phones out there have (Windows Phone handsets don't really have much of a variation in chipsets). It might have a lower power consumption as it won't be as burdened as the 225 using the same graphics.

Could this Nokia Lumia 920T deal mean we'll start seeing Windows Phone 8 handsets with Adreno 320 or is it a one-off? If we do, WP8 will be able to put up a fight in the graphics department against the Android flagships and the iPhone.

Thanks for the tip!

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AT&T is selling HTC 8X, VZW takes pre-orders for it and Lumia 822

Windows Phone 8's race to the top in the US has officially started - the HTC Windows Phone 8X is available today from AT&T and is on pre-order from Verizon, who are also taking pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 822.

Verizon has exclusivity on some HTC 8X features - ita model supports wireless charging like its key opponent, the Nokia Lumia 920 for AT&T. The charging mat is sold separately. Verizon's Windows Phone 8X also comes in exclusive colors - Black and Red.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X (16GB) from Verizon will set you back $200 if you sign a 2-year contract and $550 if you don't. Verizon's web site notes that the HTC 8X will ship by November 13.

AT&T has the HTC 8X on sale already - $200 with 2-year contract, $550 without - and the carrier counters Verizon's exclusive features with an exclusive 8GB version of the phone, which is $100 on contract and $450 off contract (note that the 8X doesn’t have a microSD card slot). AT&T has exclusive colors too - California Blue and Limelight.

Back to Verizon, the carrier will ship the Nokia Lumia 822 by November 13 and has priced it $200 with contract (2-years) and $450 SIM-free.

The GSM version of the phone - the Lumia 820 - is already on sale by AT&T, who undercut Verizon's prices by $50 (both on and off contract). It has exclusivity on the Nokia flagship too, the Lumia 920, which also goes on sale today.

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Nokia Lumia 830 leaks in China, surprises everyone

Leaked images of what is allegedly another upcoming WP smartphone from Nokia, namely the Lumia 830, surfaced.

Before you get too excited, the Lumia 830 will not be a beefier variant of the upcoming Lumia 820, but rather a successor to the Lumia 710. Given that no spec sheet was given, we're holding off on putting too much validity to that peculiar naming convention.

For now, what we do known about the Lumia 830 is that it will come in five colors, and run on Windows Phone 8.

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AT&T to sell off-contract Nokia Lumia 920 for $450, 820 for $400

Yesterday, AT&T announced the on-contract pricing of three of its incoming Windows Phone 8 handsets, including the Nokia Lumia 920 (they have exclusivity on this one in the US) and the Lumia 820.

Today they put those two up for pre-order and revealed the off-contract prices of these phones. The Lumia 920 will set you back $450 (or $100 with a 2-year contract), while the Nokia Lumia 820 is a bit cheaper at $400 ($50 with a 2-year contract).

The HTC Windows Phone 8X is not available for pre-order for now, so we don't know its off-contract pricing just yet.

Here's a quick comparison table of other AT&T prices:
Phone with 2-year contract Off contract
Google Nexus 4 (16GB) - $350
Nokia Lumia 900 (16GB) $1 $400
Nokia Lumia 820 (8GB, microSD) $50 $400
Nokia Lumia 920 (32GB) $100 $450
Sony Xperia TL (16GB, microSD) $100 $450
HTC One X (32GB) $100 $500
HTC WP 8X (16GB) $200 TBA
LG Optimus G (32GB) $200 $550
Samsung Galaxy S III (16GB, microSD) $200 $550
Apple iPhone 5 (16GB) $200 $650

If you pre-order now, the Nokia Lumia duo can be at your doorstep in two days' time.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AT&T reveals the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and WP 8X prices

AT&T has just announced that it's launching a trio of Windows Phone 8-running smartphones - the Nokia Lumia 920, the Lumia 820 and the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Let's start off with the Nokia Lumia 920, which will be offered in yellow, red, white, black and cyan. It'll set you back $99.99 on a 2-year contract and will come bundled with a free wireless charging plate.

The Nokia Lumia 820, on the other hand, is going to cost $49.99 on a contract, and will be available only in black.

Lastly, the HTC Windows Phone 8X comes in 16GB and 8GB limited edition versions in California Blue or Limelight (yellow). The 8GB model will run for $99.99 on a 2-year contract, while the 16GB will cost a cent under $200.

Both the Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 will be available for pre-order from November 7 with shipments starting two days later, on November 9. The HTC Windows Phone 8X, however, should begin its roll-out some time "before Thranksgiving".


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nokia 109 announced – cheap, small and old-school

Nokia has just announced the Nokia 109 entry-level phone. It packs a 1.8-inch TFT screen with 128x160 pixels resolution, dual-band GSM/EDGE connectivity, FM radio and microSD card.

Nokia 109 runs on S40 platform and comes with Nokia’s Xpress Browser, which compresses the web pages up to 90% and saves you data traffic. Some handy social apps will come pre-installed as well.

The phone spreads at 110x46x14.8 mm and it weighs just 77 grams. According to Nokia the battery will last 33 days in stand-by.

Cyan and Black versions of Nokia 109 will hit the shelves in Europe, Asia Pacific and China very soon for $42 before taxes.