Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nokia to investigate the Lumia 920 promo video fiasco

Nokia has announced it is launching an ethical review into the Lumia 920 presentation video.

In case you need a refresh, the Nokia’s Lumia 920 video promoting the smartphone’s camera turned out fake. The samples shown in the advertisement were shot with an elaborate DSLR rig, instead of the Lumia 920.

Photo: Copyright johaee@gmail.com

Even though the video gives you the wrong impression, Nokia has never claimed this an actual Lumia 920 sample. This confusion could have been avoided with a proper disclaimer but there is none within the promo video.

Well, Nokia has launched an ethical inquiry "to understand what happened". A report is to be completed by an independent ethics and compliance officer.

The company is obviously acknowledging that the case brought about lots of bad publicity and that's hardly ideal, given its recent market performance. The good thing is, it will try to avoid such mishaps in the future.


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