Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nokia starts ‘Time to Switch’ ad campaign, has people telling you why they love their Lumia

Nokia’s future is riding on the success of its Windows Phone handsets and the Finnish company is sparing no effort to make them a success. Nokia has just started a new ad campaign called “Time to #Switch”, which wants to entice you into buying a Lumia phone (the Lumia 820 is already on sale in the UK and it and the Lumia 920 will soon hit US carriers too).
Here are the first two ads, which feature people answering the simple question “Why do you love your Lumia?”.
The second ad focuses a bit more on the Nokia-exclusive features, like Maps, Mix Radio and City Lens.

Those are not the most original ads in the world, but at least they don’t resort to name-calling like HTC did.


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