Thursday, July 5, 2012

MeeGo team says goodbye to Nokia, N9 quietly weeps

So, this is the end of the road the MeeGo team at Nokia, as Head of Development of MeeGo Sotiris Makrygiannis joined by other team members announced they are parting ways with the Espoocompany.

Those are the same people responsible for the birth of devices such as the N770, N800, N810, N900, N950 and, of course, the N9. Currently, there's a thread over at the Maemo forums, where people can say 'Thank you' and wish the team good luck in their future endeavors.

We are now waiting for Intel and Samsung to come up with the first devices running on the MeeGo-based Tizen OS. Here's hoping that they bring as much innovation as the Nokia N9 did back in the days.


Nokia says Google Nexus 7 tablet infringes its patents

It appears that the patent wars between smartphone manufacturers are far from over as virtually every new device is said to infringe on someone else's patents now. And it appears that we are going to have a new big player involved as Nokia just officially accused ASUS of using its patents with Google Nexus 7 tablet without license.

The patents in question refer to the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standard, which the Nexus 7 supports. Nokia said that it has licensed said patents to 40 licenses mobile device manufacturers, but neither Google nor ASUS are on the list.

However, Nokia won't have as aggressive approach as Apple and is unlikely to file a case against Asus. Instead, the company has kindly invited Asus and Google to sign up for a license.

We'll be following ASUS and Google's response and see if this could turn up to be the next big court case against the Nexus devices.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nokia has a backup plan if Windows Phone 8 fails

Nokia has been frantically rejecting the possibility of putting Android on its smartphones, but this might change if Windows Phone 8 fails to gain traction.

In an interview aired on a Finnish TV, Risto Siilasmaa, a member of the Nokia board of directors, said that Android is the company's "backup plan" if Windows Phone 8 fails.

However, Siilasmaa also added that he is happy with how things are currently shaping up for Windows Phone 8 and switching to plan B probably won't be required. Microsoft and Nokia are betting on more features and less bugs to turn things in their favor.

Many people are going to be quite happy if in fact Nokia joins the Android camp and starts manufacturing some truly high-end devices. However, such a turn of events seems unlikely as the contract between Nokia and Microsoft is said to contain clauses, which force the Finns to focus all their effort on WP.

Update: Nokia got in touch with us and it turns out the interview was wrongly interpreted. When asked what the company's backup plan was, Nokia's chairman hasn't explicitly stated that Android is in it. Here's the exact quote: "[...] like any responsible board, we must be prepared for alternatives, but that is not our focus today [...]".

However, we can't think of any other mobile OS, which can be a viable alternative to the Windows Phone strategy, other than Android.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

PR1.3 update for Nokia N9 goes live in some regions

It looks like Nokia has released PR1.3 for the N9 without much fanfare. After the Finnish companylaid off some 10,000 employees last month, it was rumored that any future MeeGo updates would also be scrapped, especially considering that the N9 is the only Nokia smartphone to run the OS.

It seems that despite all of the internal issues Nokia has, there are at least a few people left in the MeeGo department, at least for now. Rumor was that this update was in preparation for PR1.4, but all of that was before the layoffs.

The update version number is v40.2012.21-3.001.19 and comes in at 204.8 MB. Quite a lot of users have already reported having received the update, so it's global rollout should be complete soon.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 leaked video shows new features

A video of a pre-release Feature Pack 2 for Symbian Belle has leaked. Currently available on Nokia's RDA (Remote Device Access), which only Nokia registered developers have access to, allows for Symbian Belle FP2 to be tried out in an emulator.

As the final Symbian hurrah for Nokia, Feature Pack 2 is expected to bring quite a lot to Symbian Belle. The user interface will see most of the changes with a new swipe to unlock, camera UI,navigation bar, widgets and better transition effects.

As demonstrated on the demo video below, the keyboard is now predictive and offers word completion. Also updated are the web browser, gallery and image editor. The music player will now place its own controls in the notifications bar.

That's just some of the changes coming in Feature Pack 2, some of them you can see in action in the video below.
Currently, there's no established timeframe of the Feature Pack 2's release, but it's certain that the Nokia 808 PureView will be among the first to get it.