Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nokia USA teases a June 18 announcement in Facebook (Possibly an announcement on a Windows PureView 808 Phone)

Nokia USA has posted a series of teaser images on Facebook with June 18, 2012 on them, which naturally caused quite a stir. Initially, it was thought that Nokia's news will be somewhat related toMicrosoft's announcement, which is bound to take place on the same date. A careful examination of the photos however points at an announcement of Nokia 808 Pureview availability in the United States.

Here's why we can expect to see the 41MP shooter's arrival to the United States. The first photoshows Hawaii, whose area code is 808. One the second one, we have the Roland TR 808 Drum Machine. Finally, there's the CD cover for a band named 808 State. Are you convinced yet?

We can reasonably expect the Nokia 808 Pureview availability to take place in the same fashion as all previous Symbian offerings from the company. That is in an unlocked, high-priced flavor.

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  1. This mobile makers make fun of us. Canon and nikon with 12 to 18 Megapixes sell DSLR cameras for more than Rs.30000. Nokia comes up with 41 MP with such a small lens.This is absolutely ridiculous for those who know photography and optics. They should concentrate on making good phones not cameras. How this camera will display a image of 41MP. What kind of optics you will get with such a small lens? Customers are taken for a ride and those who spend money mindlessly no problem at all.