Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Head of Nokia US: PureView coming to Nokia Lumia phones

Another Nokia executive is teasing the addition of PureView technology to the Finnish company's Lumia line of phones and yet again there are no commitments when it comes to dates when such a device might get announced.

Chris Webber, President of Nokia USA and Head of Marketing for North America, talked about the future of Nokia and their plans to expand their market share. PureView is part of the plan and Nokia is working closely with Microsoft to make sure that the technologyworks exactly right (we approve as long as the phones don't look like this).

Webber once again points out it's not about the 41MP that was arguably the biggest attention grabber, but it's the oversampling technology instead. This lends some credence that there will be PureView cameras with a lower raw resolution (which would reduce the maximum lossless zoom, but the other advantages of the technology shouldn't be affected).

You can watch the 20+ minute interview with Webber here - he talks about PureView a little after 3 minutes in.

You might want to listen to the rest of the interview too, he talks about how the market has moved to a battle of ecosystems instead of battle of individual devices and how Windows 8, Xbox and otherMicrosoft properties are beneficial for Nokia's Windows-centric strategy.


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