Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nokia 701, 700 and 603 to get Belle FP1, same as 808 PureView

Nokia revealed that the Nokia 808 PureView runs Nokia Belle OS Feature Pack 1, which brings a number of improvements. Also, they have some good news and some bad news for owners of current Belle devices too, depending on what device you have.
The good news is that if you have Nokia 701, 700 or 603, then you'll be getting the feature pack soon. The bad news is that other devices (like the older ones that launched with Symbian^3 or the Nokia 500) are not invited to the party.
Here's some more good news/bad news - the 701 and 700 will both have their CPUs bumped to 1.3GHz by the update, matching the 808 PureView. The Nokia 603 will remain on 1GHz.
The Belle Feature Pack 1 update also brings a new, faster, HTML5-capable web browser, the Microsoft Apps and the latest version of Nokia Maps.
Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphone will enhance the audio experience for both music and videos.
Belle FP1 will also improve the user interface though details on that are scarce - the multitasking bar has been updated and the notification bar is "even better". There are 20 new widgets included too.
The release for Belle Feature Pack 1 is planned for sometime in the next few months.


  1. will 701 and 700 1080p hd support

  2. Good question. They will support up to 720p hd support only and not 1080p.

  3. why 701 has broadcom bcm2763 as mentioned here
    and it also supports 1080p video
    then it should support
    if it doesnt nokia's 720p video is better than other phone's 1080p

  4. dont post abusive language here i am who wrote that comment about 1080p

  5. Certificate error on 701 spiderman total mayhem give me the game?

  6. Cant sending gmail max 1 mb instead of 25 mb, why

  7. Dragen hunter unable to install in 603 help me

  8. i hav a prblm in my 701 my airtel netwrk doesnt work bt at the same time its work with voda,loop,mtnl.... Is it some kind tht sum netwrks r locked like iphone..... Wht shld b the solution.... Tried reinstall... But i doesnt worked out..... Guys if anyone hav the solution plzz share.... Highly appriciated n thnks in advance..... .... Aasim

  9. how do i restore video editor and photo editor in my 700