Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nokia N9 video ad leaks, teases with 12MP camera

A leaked teaser video that we just found shows a bunch of interesting details about the unreleased, unannounced Nokia N9 smartphone. Unfortunately, the fast-paced teaser leaves more questions than answers.
Nokia N9 leaked shots Nokia N9 leaked shots
Nokia N9 as leaked before • promo video shows the same hardware
The Nokia N9 was always rumored as running whatever version of MeeGo is latest, but this video kinda suggests the user interface will be heavily influenced by Symbian Anna.
Nokia N9 leaked shots Nokia N9 leaked shots
The Nokia N9 UI • the 12MP camera lens
The 12MP camera on the other hand is not something new, as it's been present in previous leaks. But yes, this is the first time we get to see it confirmed semi-officially. We also see that it's got a 28mm wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens and an aperture of F2.8, so it sounds a lot like the unit we've seen in the N8. It's only not as bulging as on the N8. And it has a dual LED flash, not a xenon unit as the N8.

It was only recently that we saw a mention of the N9 in some FCC files, so the announcement might as well be just around the corner. Or not! We're yet to see about that.