Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nokia N9 video ad leaks, teases with 12MP camera

A leaked teaser video that we just found shows a bunch of interesting details about the unreleased, unannounced Nokia N9 smartphone. Unfortunately, the fast-paced teaser leaves more questions than answers.
Nokia N9 leaked shots Nokia N9 leaked shots
Nokia N9 as leaked before • promo video shows the same hardware
The Nokia N9 was always rumored as running whatever version of MeeGo is latest, but this video kinda suggests the user interface will be heavily influenced by Symbian Anna.
Nokia N9 leaked shots Nokia N9 leaked shots
The Nokia N9 UI • the 12MP camera lens
The 12MP camera on the other hand is not something new, as it's been present in previous leaks. But yes, this is the first time we get to see it confirmed semi-officially. We also see that it's got a 28mm wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens and an aperture of F2.8, so it sounds a lot like the unit we've seen in the N8. It's only not as bulging as on the N8. And it has a dual LED flash, not a xenon unit as the N8.

It was only recently that we saw a mention of the N9 in some FCC files, so the announcement might as well be just around the corner. Or not! We're yet to see about that.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Nokia's MeeGo device will be called N950, will be out this year

Despite the shift towards Windows Phone 7, Nokia will still ship a MeeGo device this year. It's going to be the successor to the Nokia N900 and will be called the N950. We don't have a photo of the device yet, but Nokia gave reassurances that they are committed to MeeGo, Symbian, Qt and S40 too.
At Nokia's Developer Day, Nokia's CTO Rich Green gave an extensive talk about the future of current Nokia platforms, MeeGo included. He said that they're working hard on the N950 and have come up with some "very elegant" hardware and interesting UI.
That's all we have on the Nokia N950 - the Nokia N9 (which was rumored as the coming MeeGo device) might have been canceled and Nokia showed absolutely no new devices at the MWC.
Anyway, here's a video of the talk. It starts off with N950:

Green assured the attending developers that the Nokia N950 is well-stocked as a developer platform and says "we'll see how that goes". It sounds like the N950 is aimed more towards devs than the mass market user (not surprising since MeeGo was re-targeted towards long-term market exploration).
Nokia's strategy still relies on Qt development for both Symbian and MeeGo and pushing forward with Java on Series 40, so work on those platforms continues. S40 will be getting a new Ovi Browser that aims to bring mobile Internet connectivity to hundreds of millions of people.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nokia N9 to come at the MWC with a 1.2 GHz CPU, 12 MP camera?

With the MWC fast approaching, rumors about the MeeGo-running Nokia N9 are starting to intensify again. If the Finnish source is to be trusted one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of this year will make its debut at the congress in less than a month.
There will also be some serious hardware under the hood. Apparently the Nokia N9 will be the first Nokia smartphone to pack a 1.2 GHz CPU. The machine-translated source mentions something about it being an Intel Atom, but we can't imagine a way of stuffing the good old x86 Atom in a smarphone. Instead our guess is the N9 is based on the Intel Moorestown platform, which is essentially a smartphone SoC (system-on-a-chip) with an Intel Atom core as its heart.
Next, the Nokia N9 is supposed to have the same 12 megapiexel camera as the N8. Considering the qualities of the large-sensor unit inside the Nokia Symbian^3 flagship, that's just excellent news for all cameraphone lovers. Top of the line smarphones haven't been doing too great in the camera department recently, so the N9 might be the first true all in one device.
The final exciting Nokia N9 rumor is its LTE connectivity. Even the source claims that this isn't confirmed yet so you need to take this with an extra pinch of salt.
There's less than four weeks remaining until the MWC kicks off so we'll find if the rest of it is true pretty soon. Here's hoping that the whole list gets confirmed!
Source (in Suomi)