Thursday, October 14, 2010

MeeGo soon to be available for some Nokia N900 dual-booting fun

The long wait is almost over, dear Nokia N900 owners. The Finnish company's developers are almost done porting MeeGo to the sweet QWERTY slider and promise to release it to the general public in a few days.
The update will be available on the MeeGo site, which should enable dual-booting of Maemo and MeeGo on the Nokia N900 so you can get a taste of the upcoming MeeGo mobile OS.
There is no exact date mentioned for the PR 1.3 update but "quite close now" (MeeGo dev team words, not ours) sounds very promising.
The bad news is that this is a try-at-you-own-risk kind of deal so Nokia won't be offering support for the MeeGo-enabled N900 officially. This is not to say they won't be releasing updates or fixing bugs, but you will be the one taking the risk of something going wrong with the new OS.
So are you on board for the update, or are you going to stick to the dead-end Maemo?


  1. Maemo is still alive and kicking my friend... Just go and see for yourself! AT

    Regards qosmio

  2. maemo sux...its not user friendly and has very stupid was sch a waste of technology

  3. we hope to see great & compatible combination of ( Meamo & MeeGo )


  4. @ anonymous

    It should be noted that you need an IQ of at least 80 to be able to use Maemo.

  5. this article is complete bullshit. anybody can follow the progress of meego. you can download and run it now but it is nowhere near "finished", whatever that is supposed to infer. also, meego has very little to do with maemo pr 1.3, which doesn't even belong in this same article

  6. this is only interesting for developers

  7. for n900 users maemo pr 1.3 has a lot to do with meego.
    From what I understand it is 1.3 that will allow dual booting.
    It isn't polished, but for a dual boot option, i think there will be few people who don't try it!
    if you think maemo and meego have nothing to do with each other, you are mistaken.

  8. >>There is no exact date mentioned for the PR 1.3 update but "quite close now" (MeeGo dev team words, not ours) sounds very promising.<<
    How can the MeeGo dev team comment on the Maemo5 PR1.3 release?!?

  9. @ 1rs post: becouse they already using it, duh!

  10. I don't know if anyone even looks at this any more. I would like to find someone who could help me update my N900 to Meego. If its better tha Maemo. My biggest complaint and it is probably the same with Meego is that there is no flash for videos and no ability to send photos on messaging.
    Any comments please???


  11. If you search around on google you can find instructions on how to port Meego onto your Nokia N900, but it is not stable, or atleast that's what I've noticed from the tests I've seen so far.