Thursday, October 21, 2010

Geek Art: 5 Nokia N8s Inside Each Other

Question: What do you do when you have not one but two Nokia N8 review units at hand and a *lot* of free time?
Answer: Well, what any respectable geek would do, you play, you take pictures, and eventually you try to breed them, because you know that ultimately, you have to return both, but you *so* want to make your little N8ties to raise, love and keep when the parents are back with their legitimate owners.
And this is the result. Can you see the 5 Nokia N8s in this photo? (Click on the image to open the full 12MP resolution one). Oh it’s beautiful!

MAKING OF: Here are the 5 steps, in order, to make this one marvelous gem of a photo.
Level 1 – We start with a photo of the Dark Grey Nokia N8 (let’s call him dgN8) taken by the Silver N8 (sN8).

Level 2 – Then, we display this picture on the sN8, and we take a photo of that with the dgN8.

Level 3 – We display that one on the dgN8 and we shoot it with the sN8.

Level 4 – Again, we open that image on the sN8 and we take a photo with the dgN8.

Level 5 – And ultimately, with the sN8, we take a photo of the dgN8 displaying that last picture.

It’s poetic. It’s transcending. It’s… Oh well, it makes me ache to have the 5 colors of the N8 so I could put them all inside each other. If anyone has the 5 colors at hand, please do it :) Or if someone at Nokia wants to send me the 5 colors to do it, then I really don’t mind ;)
Note: I did try to go to the 6 and 7 N8s levels, but ultimately I was beaten by the resolution of the screen, you can’t go past the 5 N8s with the screen still being able to show them all. Too bad.

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